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A-10 over Normandy on D-Day


Durn it! I missed the most important date in the year: D-Day, June 6, 1944. The image above is an Air National Guard A-10, painted up in the colors of the 107th's P-51 Squadron, which flew over Normandy that day. This one flew over the same beaches, 74 years later. It is a sobering place to visit.

The grand-kid apparently needed more park visits. He is on a quest to visit all of them (!) before he gets out of high school. Well, maybe that is his Eagle Scout father's goal for him. So, at 5am on Saturday morning, Cheryl, Scott, Colin, and I headed out from KC for a three hour drive to Branson, MO for breakfast. If you have not been to Branson, it is an interesting, tightly packed show town. Like Vegas on a serious budget. We did not do much except eat, then drive through looking at all the tourist traps, then headed about 30 miles South to Table Rock Lake and the Big Cedar Lodge.

Top of the Rock patio

This place was put together by Johnny Morris, the founder of the Bass Pro shops. It is huge, and an interesting place for a weekend visit. We toured the nature trails there, and managed to see a few interesting sights, but absolutely no wildlife. Not sure why. Back at the visitor's center, which sits on a golf course, we got a look at a sink-hole that had opened up along the golfers area.

sink hole on golf course

They were cleaning it out, perhaps to build some kind of walk through the rock formations beneath the dirt.

We also toured one of the largest Native American (Indian to us older folks) Museums in the country. I am pretty sure every Indian arrowhead manufactured from about 1100 to today is there now, along with most of the hatchet and spade heads carved out of stone, also constructed during that time. It took forever to get through that place.

Some of it was very thought provoking.

Our decisions affect seven generations

The Indians had many philosophies worthy of emulation by today's crazy people. Sadly, we put most of those ideals out to pasture as we rolled over their way of life. This museum is doing its part to preserve their heritage.

After a nice meal at Top of the Rock, and watching the Sun set over Table Rock Lake, we crashed for the night at the lodge, and headed out to Dogwood Canyon Park, another Jonny Morris area. This one is about six miles of pathways along a creek, with biking, horseback riding, and even Segway tours. We selected the bikes and rode end to end. Cheryl has not been in a bike since they were invented, but she did amazingly well.

The family on bikes

We found a new plan for our patio. It will look like this soon:

New patio design


Anyway, it made for a nice weekend. That is until we got back to KC and discovered that a storm had rolled through and it ate the top of one of our trees. This was sitting in our driveway, right where our car normally parks.

Top of tree in driveway

Glad we missed that!