Week 10 Assignments


We are supposed to be doing an exam this week, but I am going to push it to next week. The review notes are now up. This week we look at an important programming concept: storing data in an array. Arrays are very important, since you cannot get much done if ever piece of data needs a unique name. Arrays have one name for however many items you need to store, as long as they are all the same kind of data.


There is no homework this week.

Lab Project

The lab project for this week will look a bit familiar. We are going to get a bal moving around using C++, the same way we made it move using Scratch. If you got your Scratch project to work, this one should not be too bad.

Exam 2 Review

Here are the review notes for the next exam.

As part of your review for the next exam, you should also work through the review and practice writing some of the suggested code. Once you have done that, you are free to take the exam any time up to the end of next week (not this week). The lab assignment that goes with the exam will be posted next Sunday.