Week 1 Assignments (12 week)

To get started, we will focus on looking at what we will be studying the semester, and taking a look at a simple problem you might need to tackle without knowing how to use a computer to do the job.

Learning how to program is not learning something magical. All a machine can to is follow instructions a human provides, but a computer does that incredibly fast. That is where their power comes from. It you tell it to do something wrong, it will give you gibberish as answers, really fast. That is no good.

The power of the computer is tied directly to the power of your mind to come up with a set of instructions that will work. THAT is what we want to learn here.

Oh yeah! And have a bit of fun along the way.


The first lecture is just an introduction



This week, you have some setup to do:


Here is your first problem, to start you thinking: