Week 2 Assignments (16 week)

This week we start off by examining the hardware of a computer. That basic design of computers dates back to WWII, and you will get a look at the basic parts we use even today.

We will also look at the world of programming languages. You will explore only one (well, maybe two if we could Scratch) out of dozens out there.

Finally, we start building up a toolkit we will use to solve problems, then ask the computer to do the work.


We need to start looking at how computers represent data, and what kinds of data we can use in a real program. This homework will start you examining that area.


This week, you get to fire up Scratch and start working with it. We will not use all of this tool, a lot of it is for kids to play with. We will focus only on those constructs we will see again in the real programming we do later in the course.