Week 3 Assignments (16 week)

This week we look at organizing your solution thinking into “modules”. This idea is simple. Break a big problem into a set of smaller, easier to solve, problems. This is how us humans deal with complex problems, and we use that idea in programming all the time. We will also start looking at three simple basic kinds of programming actions we will use all the time. We call these “structures” and they are very simple, and very important. Think of opening up a tool box and seeing only three basic tools. We can solve all kinds of problems (actually all problems we can get a computer to work on) with just three basic tools. Obviously there are more tools available, but these three get us started!


Now that we know something about how computers store numbers, we need to explore a bit about how they do arithmetic. This homework explores some of the terms used when discussing computer arithmetic.


This week, you get to work a bit more with Scratch. We will use it to explore the basic structures used in programming.