Week 5 Assignments


The week the first exam is available in any approved Testing Center. You need to check on the ACC web site to find the schedule for these at each campus. You will have until Sunday, Oct 29, 2017 to complete the exam.

We also need to move up setting up the C++ environment we will be using for the rest of the course. We need to get that done soon, and this is something that some of you will need help with.


I will be available during my normal office hours, and on Saturdays for the next two weeks to help set up your systems. Contact me if you need help.

Here are the lectures for this week:


You need to focus on the Exam 1 Lab project this week, but you do need to work on getting C++ set up. When you get that done, work through the Dev-C++ setup lecture and submit the hello.cpp file you produce.