Week 7 Assignments


Assuming you got Dev-C++ set up (or Code::Blocks for a few of you), it is time to add another component to that setup. This one will let us do lab projects that are much more interesting than those you might find in a typical textbook.

Unfortunately, this installation does seem to trip up a few of you, so be careful to follow the directions, and contact me if anything goes wrong.

The most common problems come up if you forgot to install Dev-C++ “for all users”. In that case, your program may be installed in the wrong location for this graphics package to work. Email me if you run into problems.


I will be available during my normal office hours, and by appointment for the next two weeks to help set up your systems. Contact me if you need help. D0 not let this slip, you will need the graphics setup for the next few labs.

Here are the lectures for this week:


The homework this week is again simple. Work through the Dev-C++ Graphics setup lecture and submit the demo.cpp file you produce.

Lab Project

The lab project for this week is your first time building a C++ program on your own. You get to explore a bit about variables and expressions in this. Do not be afraid to play a bit, you need to get familiar with the tools, and the language.