Week 8 Assignments


Well, according to the syllabus, we are supposed to have our second exam this week. Since we are a bit behind, I will post the review notes this week, and let you take the exam next week. This week we will get a look at setting up our data containers, and basically how you go about designing a program. Here are the lectures for this week:

Lab Project

The lab project for this week will work through calculating the cube-root of some number. Remember your thought exercise for the square root. This one is actually easier, since we tap into the mind of Isaac Newton to see how to do it.

Pay attention to Newton’s formula. You start with a guess for the answer, and his formula gives you a new guess. You keep using his formula (in a loop) and you should get closer and closer to the answer. Your problem is figuring out when o stop. (Not when you get the exact answer, computers hardly ever do that, but they can get very close!)



Exam 2 Review