Week 9 Assignments


This week, our second exam will be made available (on Monday), but I am not going to set a hard deadline for taking this one. Instead, you have until the end of the term to take it. In fact, this will be the last actual exam you will take for this course. The last exam will actually be a programming project I will post next week. Both of these (and the real exam 2 lab project) must be completed by the end of the term.

I am also posting lecture notes on building C++ programs. Pay attention to the first of these, you will build better programs, and get them done quicker if you follow this guide.

Lab Project

The lab project for the second is available now. It is also due by the end of the term.

You also get to work on a C++ lab that will make something move on the screen. This one is not too tough, and it is very similar to the code you used back in the early part of the course.