HW2: Types of Computer Data

We will be using a version of the Gnu C++ compiler later in this class. For most of you, it will be installed as part of the Dev-C++_ package.

Do a bit of research and see if you can find a list of the data types available in this programming language. Computers can only process certain kinds of data by default, but we can get clever and teach them how to process other things in our programs. This homework just looks at the starting set of things we can use.

Create a list of the simple single-value data types you find (like numbers, characters, etc), and the range of values allowed for those data type. You may not understand all of what you see, but you should get the basic idea.


Do not just Google C++ for this. See if you can find information about the Gnu compiler. All compilers may be slightly different in the data types they support, and the range of values you can use might be different as well!