HW5: Hello, World!

All you need to do for this homework, is get your CLion application set up properly on your machine. Follow the installation instructions in Installing CLion to get that done.

Once you have CLion installed, and have managed to get the example “Hello, World!” program to run, modify the example and make it print out something like this:

Course: COSC1315
Student: Your Name
Date: February 11, 2018


If your homework is submitted exactly as shown above, i will give the points to the student named “your Name”, not you. (Trust me, it has happened! Do not be a silly copy-and-paste person!)

You can see how this is done from the example line (starting with cout, which stands for “console output”. The line ends with endl which means “end-line”.

Submit your modified C++ program on Blackboard. Make sure you submit only the main.cpp file.