COSC1315-003 Grade Calculations

My gradebook (just an Excel Spreadsheet) is all set up to calculate the final grades for this course. I try to respect the scheme published in the Syllabus you got on the first day of class, but things are a bit different now. We actually have the following items to consider for the final grade:

  • Homework (4 @ 15 points each) - 15%
  • Labs (8 @ 30 points each) - 40%
  • Exams (1 @ 150 points, 1 @ 100 points each) - 30%
  • Final Project (counts as Exam 3) (1 @ 100 points) - 15%


The optional lab is labeled Lab10 on BB. There is no Lab9 for this section.

I noticed that I never put up a link for Homework 6, so I am dropping that homework. I also dropped participation from the final calculation. I use email and office visits as a measure of your involvement, and use that data to help you over a grade boundary when the final grades get posted.

Blackboard Score Conversion


You cannot just look at the Blackboard Total and figure out a grade from
that. You must apply the formula below to calculate the final grade.

The maximum number of points you could see on Blackboard is 930. Here is the formula I am using to convert your Blackboard numbers to a final grade:

  • HWtotal * 0.2
  • LabTotal * 0.1212
  • ExamTotal * 0.1
  • Project * 0.1

That formula is working in Excel now, and my gradebook generates the number you should see in Blackboard.