Extra Credit Project

There is a lot more power inside the graphics library than we have explored in this course. As an extra credit project, I am going to give you a chance to earn back half of the points you lost on the two exams we had this term.


Most of you are too young to remember this classic video game. It was the first video game available to the general public, and it obviously started something (perhaps that is a bad thing!)

You will need to do some research to see how this game was set up, and write a Python program that works basically the same way.

User Input

The original Pong game used a joystick to move paddle up and down. We will use the mouse and click on one of two button boxes you create to move the paddle up or down. The ball will bounce off of the far wall, and you intercept it with the paddle to get points. I will leave off the details and let you decide how you want to make this thing work.

You can get creative and make the ball bounce off of the paddle differently depending on where it hits the ball. You might inject some diagonal motion if it hits near the edge. That will make it more interesting to play.

Get creative. The better the final program, the more points you will earn!

Have some fun with this.

When is this due?

This project must be in your repo by the last day of class, which is Thursday, December 13. Ideally, you might show it running during project demo that day (but this is not necessary.