Lab 5 - Refrigerator Art

Your Assignment

In this lab we will create some art work. Before you begin this lab, make sure you have followed the instructions in Simple Graphics with Python3 to set up your machines at home.


We will need to do this in the labs as well, since the file we need to add is not installed on those systems.

This exercise is pretty simple. I just want you to draw a picture - OK something like your kid sister would have drawn with a crayon - only neater!

A Simple Picture

What can we draw with a line circle, box, and triangle? Well, the last three can be filled in with some color, so we can color inside the lines!

A fat line can be a long skinny box, We could make a fat open box by using four long skinny boxes - one for each side. That line object is just too skinny to do much good at coloring!

Draw a house

Let’s see, a house is just a box with some windows and a door. The box can be one color, and the windows and doors another color so they show. The roof can be a triangle.

Draw a tree

A tree could be drawn by stacking up a series of smaller and smaller triangles.

Draw the sun

OK, this one is easy - a yellow circle!

Your assignment

Recreate your kid sister’s picture of a house with a tree and the sun, all surrounded by a nice picture frame. There are many ways to do all of this, but any way is good enough. You pick the colors and placement. For inspiration, check out Refrigerator Art Gallery displaying works from previous students.

What to turn in

Create a folder for this lab in your labs-username`` repository. Name the program file