HW 1: GitHub Setup

Due Date:Sunday, Jan 21.


You will complete this assignment by emailing your github_ user name to me at rblack@austincc.edu. Be sure to include “HW1” in the subject line to receive credit. This is the only assignment you will submit by email!


Before you can get any work graded for this course, you must set up a personal account on GitHub_. This is a free service that hosts millions of open-source projects. As a software developer, this is an incredible resource, one you should explore often when looking into how to use a new language, or developer’s tool. It is a place to see examples of outstanding code, and terrible code. Exploring this site can make you a better programmer.


NEVER submit any code to me that you copied directly from GitHub_ or any other source, including other students in this class. . Doing so will result in a grade of zero for that assignment. If the infraction occurs more than once, you will automatically be issued a grade of zero for the course.

Part 1: Create your account

  1. Navigate to GitHub_ using your favorite web browser.
  2. Find the sign-in panel that looks like this:
  3. Enter a unique user name.


This name is something a potential employer will see when they consider you for a job. Do not pick a name that will embarrass you in that situation. You may regret that name later. YMMV!

  1. Enter a suitable email address. I recommend that you use your ACC email address.
  2. Pick a password you can remember.

To complete this assignment, email your user name to me!