HW2: C++ Style Guide

For this homework, I want you to form up into teams of three or four classmates. (Less will be allowed only if needed - more is not allowed.) Your team should talk through the rules you think you should use. As a team, produce a style guide for your projects in this class. The “team” is done, when all team members have that guide on GitHub.

A simple Google search using “C++ style guide” will turn up a bunch of references that talk about style and what you should be doing when you present your code to others!

Team C++ Style Guide

Using your references, and after discussing it with your team, come up with a guide you will use for your code for the remainder of the course.

The actual style guide is not as important as is consistency in how you present your code.

Since we are not learning all of C++ at this point, focus on the most common things: how you pick names fo things, how you display those evil curly braces. How long lines should be (and what to do if they get too long). How to display expressions.

Style in the Workplace

Most companies you might work for have stndard style guides they wnt you to use. You have no choice here, you will use those guides, or risk not having that job for long!

I have seen style guides reching over 100pages in length. Here is one you might find interesting:

This one was actually authored by the designer of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup!

What to Submit

Each team member needs to submit a copy of this guide intheir homework repo on GitHUb.