COSC1337 Grading Summary

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Here is a complete list of the gradable assignments you should complete for this course:


Please make sure all of these projects are located in a folder with the assignment name. If you did not start off that way, create the folders, move files into the right place, then push your changes to GitHub.

  • HW1: Github Setup
  • HW2: Building a Simulation

Lab Assignments

These are the labs assigned:

  • Lab1: Hypotenuse
  • Lab2: Simple C++ Functions
  • Lab3: Creating a C++ Class
  • Lab4: Pool Balls
  • Lab5: The Highway
  • Lab6: Linked Lists
  • Lab7: Modeling Vehicles
  • Lab8: Passing Logic Lab9: Mandelbrot Explorer

Group Projects

This assignments will be located in a group project repository. Each student must be clearly identified as the author of a section in the report. Please include the source code you used for your project, but do not include any library files you used. Just identify those, and indicate the source you found for each library.

  • GP1: Raspberry Pi and Mandelbrot


We also had a few other things to grade:

  • Exam1
  • Exam 1 Lab
  • Exam2
  • Exam 2 Lab

Grade Calculations

I try to keep to the spirit of the grading documented in the syllabus. That means this is how the final grade will be calculated:

  • Homework (2 @ 10 points each) (4%)
  • Labs (9 @ 30 points each) (46%)
  • Group Project (1 @ 100 points each) (15%)
  • Exams (2 @ 150 points each) (30%)
  • Attendance (100 points) (5%)

The total points you will see on Blackboard equals 790. My gradebook is an Excel spreadsheet that does these calculations. I make sure the points add up to exactly what you see on Blackboard, but you cannot calculate your grade based on that Blackboard total alone. The weighting figures in as well.