Week 1 Assignments


Read the Syllabus

Before you do anything, read the Syllabus for the course.

Orientation Exam

There is a simple orientation exam on Blackboard, designed to make sure you find the syllabus and look it over. Look for it under “Exams” on the left side of the BB page. Complete this exam during the first week.


I am not a fan of simple exams like this, so do not expect to see anything like this again. Normal exams will require writing in short answers to questions.

Homework 1

You will be using GitHub to submit all work for this course. This first homework assignment is designed to get you going with that system.

Lab Setup

You need to install a few programs on your computer to complete this course. The notes that will help guide you through this are in the Appendix. You need to begin installing a virtual machine on your system to complete your lab work. There are also a few tools you need to get familiar with as well. (See Appendix)


You need to get your system set up right away. Putting this off will result in lost points on lab assignments! If you do not feel comfortable installing things yourself, contact me and we will work out a time and place to help get you through this. I hold office hours on most Saturdays at my RGC office for this.

If you absolutely must, you can use lab systems at either RGC or NRG this term. Both of those campuses have lab machines ready for use in this class.