Week 5 Assignments


The homework this week gives you a chance to measure the speed of your processor (and compare that to the speed of your virtual machine if you like).

The code required is pretty simple, and all I want to see is your final results (in your Homework Repo, of course).


The next lab is designed to get you started on the real system simulator we will build in this course. This lab is pretty simple, and focuses mostly on interacting with that human who will run your program.

Group Project Teams

Here is a list of the teams currently set up for the group projects. Please check this and let me know if there re any changes. If you are not in a team, make sure you email the team membership list ASAP>

Exam Review

Here are review questions you should look over before the first exam next week. The exam questions will not come from these, but if you can answer these questions, you will do fine on the exam.