Installing Git on your PC

If you want to install Git on your laptop, there are installers available for that. I have Git installed on every machine I run, both physical and virtual. You do not need to do this for my class, but it is very handy for other projects.

Windows PC

The installer for Windows can be found at this link:

Just run the installer and Git should be available on your command line.


There is a portable version of this version that you can load on a flash drive if you like.

Installing Git on your Mac

If you use a Mac, there is an installer available for that as well.

However, I recommend that you install Homebrew and use that tool to install it. Homebrew is a nice package loading system many Mac developers use to install commonly needed tools.

Assuming Homebrew is installed, here is all it takes to install git:

$ brew install git

That is it, Git should now be ready to go!

Installing Git in Linux

This is also easy.

Open up a terminal program, and type this:

$ sudo apt-get install -y git-core

The sudo part of that command will require that you provide your password. The -y part just answers yes for a silly pause that asks if you really want to do this. (Of course I do, you silly computer. Why else would I have typed that command?)

Git References

Once you have Git installed, you need to elarn how to use it. Here are a couple of good references that will help. (I keep both of these in my DropBox account: