HW7: Instruction Tracing

Using the machine diagram we discussed in class, iselect any two of the instructions listed below and trace the flow of those instructions through the machine. Discuss any changes you feel are needed to make sure we can properly process this instruction.

Here are your instruction choices:

  • ADIW Rl, k
  • CPSE Rd, Rr
  • LSR Rd
  • ROR Rd
  • LD Rd, X
  • LD Rd, X+
  • LDD Rd, Y+q

You should discuss the instructions with your team members. Remember that the control unit has the power to make decisions, based on signals we send to that unit from the machine as data moves along.

Your final assessment should list the component you want to trigger with a “tick” call, and the wires you want to activare with a “tock” call. Your list should show the steps in order that will be needed to make this instruction work.

In discussing anything new you feel is needed to figure all of this out, feel free to suggest adding output signals from components not currently supporting those signals, and adding any new wires or multiplexors that might be needed. I will help if you sketch your flow using a diagram similar to those shown in class. (A picture of something you drew on paper of a white-board will be fine here).

Submitting Your Solution

As usual, submit this work in your homework repo. The document should be written in reStructuredText`` and display properly when viewed on your GitHub account.