HW5: CPUsim Setup

This assignment is easy, you have no code to write!

Your team needs to get their repository set up so you can all work together on a CPU simulator project.

Here is the invitation you need

Accepting Assignment

Each of you will need to accept this assignment as usual, but with a minor twist.

The first person who accepts the assignment will need to create a new team and sselect a team name. I am going to leave that to your team to select. There will be several teams in this class, so be creative! (Do keep it civilized!)

After the name is created, each additional team member will need to select the name chosen by the first member

It makes sense for your team to get together and do this as a group. IF anything goes wrong during this process, see me.

Project Layout

We will go over this in class, but here is how you get started. There is a basic project template for this project here:


This template should be cloned into a sandbox folder, not into your team repository. COpy files and directories as needed into your team repository.

I may update this template from time to time. Keeping a separate clone of it will allow you to see these updates easily.

Any time you want to see if the template has changed, just open up a command prompy window in the template repository and do this:

> git pull

If anything new is available, it will be downloaded to your local copy of the template.

What to Turn In

For this homework, place a new folder names HW5 in your homework repository. Each team member needs to add a README.rst file in that new folder identifying the team they have joined.