Lab 2: Simulator Project

Read time: 3 minutes (885 words)

We need to build a C++ simulator, or at least as much of one as we can! To get you started, I am going to walk you through the start of this project.


I am going to walk you along a development timeline to start the simulator project. You must follow this timeline, exactly, and produce the required commits. The final product is the Git timeline, not just the final code produced!

This project will start off with a series of small steps. Each step ends with a commit and a “push” to your GitHub project repository! After we get the basic structure working, we will call this lab complete. You will continue work on the simulator in future labs.

The steps you need to follow for this lab are detailed in the lecture notes for this week

See Building a Simulator


You will be using a new feature of Git in this work, and learning a few new Git commands. Be carefule to follow the instructions.