Project Versions

As your project evolves, you might reach points where you consider it ready for use at some level. Usually, we mark this point by generating a new release and marking it with a version number.

Versioning is a very project oriented thing, but there are some conventions. The most common system you will see looks something like this:

  • <major>.<minor>.<patch>


  • major is a version significantly different from a previous version
  • minor is a new version that keeps the same user interface
  • patch fixes problems in the current version

Major versions are not required to keep the old user interface. They can make significant changes to how the application is used. Minor versions always maintain the same user interface, but may add new features, being careful not to break any old features.

Patch versions are issued to fix problems. These changes do not alter the functionality of the program, they just fix bugs that should not be there.