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Roie R. Black: Professor, Computer Science, Austin Community College (Retired)

Roie Black's Computer Science Lecture Notes

Roie in Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy - Aug 2018

Course List

Class Course Title
COSC1337 Programming Fundamentals II (C++)
COSC1336 Programming Fundamentals I (Python)
COSC1315 Fundamentals of Programming
COSC2325 Computer Architecture and Machine Language
Blog Random Ramblings (personal Blog)

I have retired now, but I am maintaining this website so previous (and future) students can see my lecture notes. I am also providing a link to my personal blog, originally set up to tell the story of my cancer battle, but also a place where I tell stories about making decisions in my life that led me through incredible adventures. I hope these stories inspire students just finding their way as they work toward their professional lives.