Lab1: Calculating the Hypotenuse


This project will be graded as a lab, but you are to place it in your homework repository, in a folder named “LAB1”. Future lab work will be in separate repositories.

As a simple check to see if you can put together a basic C++ program. In this lab, you will build a simple program that does the following:

Display a Header

All programs should identify themselves (at least in this class!) Make your program display the following text:

Finding the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle.
Author: <Your Name>

Ask the User for Input

Next, prompt the user to enter two numers. Tell them what to enter with a prompt:

Enter the length of the first side (as a floating point number):

Read the input number and store it in a suitable variable. Prompt the user in a similar way for the second side length.

Find the Final Length

You should know the formula for this part. Set up an expression to evaluate this final value, and store it in a suitable variable.


You will need the sqrt function to get the answer. DO a bit of research on how to access this functon. (Hint: you need another “include” line in your program!)

Display the Result

Finally, output the final result:

The length of the hypotenuse is xxxx.xxxx


To make this more interesting, wrap all of this (Except the header) in a loop. You will stop the program when the length of the first side is a negative number.

What to Turn In

You will submit all of your work using your GitHub account, placing your project in a folder named “LAB1”. (Remember that for this lab only, you will place this in your homework repository.)

When is This Due?

Unless told otherwise, all labs and homework are due on the Sunday of the week they are assigned.